Social Media Package Details:

With this package we will create a brand new Facebook Business page for you. In order to start this package, you would need to have a fully established personal Facebook page. Facebook requires a personal account to be tied to all Facebook Business accounts. We will collect all needed information to get this page started and show you how to get your first followers! We will train you on how to swap from your personal page to your business page, how to post on your page, how to track your posts, get more followers and much more. We will co-manage the page for 6 continuous months as we train you on the best ways to use social media to boost your business. We will show you how to target- market based on your business and customer base along with how to run ads on social media. After the 6 month period has ended, you will be a Facebook business expert, and we will fully hand the reins over to you. At time time, we only offer Facebook builds for the social media package. We will be adding further social media options in the future.