Website, Social Media, or Both?

During a conversation with a potential new client, I was asked a great question and I wanted to share my answer with all of you.  What are the benefits of having BOTH social media and a website? Why do I need both for my business? 

You may already know the answer to this question, but that’s okay! Let’s talk about it anyway. The best answer I can give is, not all businesses benefit from having both a website and social media. Let’s take one of our clients for example. We are currently working with a food truck in middle GA that doesn’t have a set location. They travel all over for events and such, but they do not set up at a regular spot. Due to this, they benefit THE MOST from their social media. They can post where they are, what they are serving and market their events all on social media with no need to have a website. Now, a website wouldn’t hurt their business, however due to the changes they are making all the time, they would need to be vigilant in updating a website AND social media more than 3 times a week. That’s just so much work for a business owner that we recommend they give all of their attention to social media. This is the BEST option for their style of business.

Now, if you have a stationary place of business with a set menu, you would benefit GREATLY from having a website to house all of that information without having to update it weekly. Or if your business offers a selection of services that do not change, a website would also be the best place to house that information without having to keep up with a steady social media account. 

Now, for those businesses that have a set location, a rotating menu, all different types of services and their items change often, you benefit most by having BOTH of these options. This way, you have a website to house your basic information such as your location, contact information and such, and then a social media where you can announce your items of the week, specials and so on. 

So, in short, not all businesses benefit the same from both social media and a website. However, our staff here at Rainee Day Digital have done the research to help your business  find out what works best for you. Give us a call, send us an email or a Facebook message so we can help your business too!

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