Online Presence Matters

Let’s talk for a moment about online presence. Take a moment and think about this: When you want to purchase a new item, where do you go to find it? Say you needed a new blender. You have no idea what brand you want or what the features are, you just know you need a blender. Where do you turn first? Now, there are a few of you who would say,” I’d just go to the store and buy one”, but the fact is, most of us would research first. And where is that research done you ask? Online. 85% of consumers will look for an item online before purchasing it. 

So, as a business that has products to offer such as household items, clothing, services or whatnot, are you offering that option for easy research to your customers by having an online presence? Do you have a website to house your items or services? How about social media platforms to talk about new items you have added to your catalog? If not, let Rainee Day Digital help! We can build you a brand new website, help with social media or even give you tips for your existing online presence. Don’t wait, give us a call today! 

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