Social Media for your Business

Let’s talk about the importance of social media for your business. 

I tend to get this questions from a lot of business owners: “Why would I need to take time to have social media”?  

Being a business owner is nothing near easy. You are juggling your business, your inventory, employees, expenses and so many more things all at once. I can understand where you would argue you do not have time for social media, because you really feel like you dont. However, I want to touch on the importance of having social media and fitting it into your everyday business activities. 

Ill start with the basics: did you know that 90% of the total population of the US actively uses social media? Out of all of the social media platforms available, Facebook is the most popular with 74.2%.  On a daily basis, adults over 23 years of age are using social media at a minimum of 2 hours and 27 minutes per day and teens average a whopping 8 hours and 39 minutes! Taking these numbers into account, if your business has social media and you are using it correctly, you should be seeing tons of traffic in your area just based on your population. 

Outside of the facts and numbers, people really appreciate being able to learn about your business before they come to visit you. They want to know what items or services you offer, what your hours are, what your location is and what kind of activities you are part of or hosting at your business. The easier it is to access this information, the more people tend to find out. This ease comes when you have a social media presence. When you post to your page or run an ad, people are seeing that post or ad without you having to do anything more. They will just be going about their normal day within their 2 hours of social media time, and there you are! Bam! Free marketing for your business. And if you are posting in the right ways, people are going to learn to love your brand and share that love with their friends and family. This means more and more free marketing for your business, and at this point, you aren’t putting in ANY extra effort. 

Now, what are you missing out on when you do not have a social media presence?  If I can be honest, your business is missing out on A LOT of free marketing. And if it’s free, why wouldn’t you want to take part in that? That is the real question. 

Getting social media up and running is not the quickest or easiest task, I will admit that. This is why Rainee Day Digital offers this service! We want your business to reap the rewards of having a great social media platform, and we want to get that started for you. We want to teach you how to get the most out of social media for your business. 

Do you have more questions about our social media package? Give us a call! We can not wait to help your business grow.

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